Indian Woman Gives Birth To 11 Kids All At Once – Rumor?

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Picture about Indian Woman Gives Birth To 11 Kids All At Once - Rumor
Indian Woman Gives Birth To 11 Kids All At Once - Rumor


This story was widely circulating on social networking sites like Facebook, showing a photograph of 11 new born babies along with hospital staff claiming that they all were born to an Indian woman in single delivery, calling it a miracle of god.


The story was first circulated by, a website that shares gossip around the world. You can read the story here.


The photograph shows 11 new born babies along with hospital staff, claiming that an Indian woman gave birth to all of them in a single delivery, and considers it as a god’s miracle. 6 out of 11 babies were claimed to be twins. The photograph is genuine, but the story is a hoax, it is a manipulated one.

The photograph actually shows 11 kids born to different mothers on 11.11.11 at 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre in Surat, India. The doctors and hospital staff together with the new born babies took photographs and shared it as an interesting achievement on 11.11.11. You can see other pictures of the kids and staff in the reference section.

Multiple birth is a rare phenomenon, and whenever it happens, it is very unlikely that the kids will survive. If something like that happened, it would definitely be listed in Wikipedia. The Wiki shows only two such instances of Nonuplets (9 kids born at a time), and does not show any instance of 11 kids born at a time. Therefore, the story claiming Indian woman giving birth to 11 kids all at once is a hoax, mostly a prank to mislead people.

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Story Source
11 kids born on 11.11.11 – Surat Hospital
Multiple births – Wikipedia

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