Largest Blue Whale Caught from Helicopter Camera, Picture: Fact Check



Largest Blue Whale Caught on Camera from Helicopter.

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One of the largest blue whales ever caught on camera during a helicopter ride today.

Fact Check:

A viral story on social media and image sharing websites claims to show one of the largest Blue whale ever caught on camera from a helicopter ride. The picture shows an enormous blue whale and another small one swimming below a bridge. No, the claims are not true – the picture is not real.

Not Largest Blue Whale Caught from Helicopter Camera

The ‘amazing’ picture message is doing rounds on Facebook, Twitter and image sharing websites like Pinterest and Instagram among others. It appeared in other languages as well. The bigger whale looks so big; the vehicles on the bridge appear like grain of sand in comparison to its size. The huge size of the whale reminds us of an old, popular story alleging to show a small Boat in an ocean, with a Giant Blue Whale passing just below its surface. In that case, the illustrative image was not real.

Coming back to the story, the ‘amazing’ picture story is doing rounds on Facebook since at least 28th July 2019, when Serge Simard posted it. Note, the image has the copyright mention of ‘umutrecberart’.

The digital artist Umut Reçber posted the picture on Instagram on 26th July 2019, mentioning the image is part of his digital manipulation study. Moreover, he clarified he used Photoshop to create the composite image using two different images of the bridge and the whales. The original image of the bridge does not have any such huge whales below it.

The artist Umut Reçber explained his photo manipulation work on another website

Image showing Photoshop manipulation
Photoshop manipulation

The image of two whales – much smaller than what is shown in the Photoshopped image – appears on NOAA Photo Library as a ‘Right whale and calf’.

To conclude, what you see in the picture is not any largest blue whale caught on camera from a helicopter ride. It is a Photoshopped picture using two different images of bridge and normal-size whales.

Hoax or Fact:


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