Mermaid Caught on Tape Swimming in Sydney – Facts Analysis

Mermaid Caught on Tape Swimming in Sydney


This video footage, claiming to show a real swimming mermaid in Sydney that was accidentally caught on tape by an under water diver, was widely circulating online. It shows a creature looking like a mermaid swimming under water in Sydney.


This video claiming to show a mermaid had raised lot of curiosity about the existence of mermaids. The video tape shows a creature looking like a mermaid that is swimming away in the waters of Sydney. The video has 424,096  views till date, which shows the curiosity for mermaids.

However, the video is not a real footage of mermaid. It is a manipulated one. The claimed mermaid in Sydney is just a woman in a mermaid costume who was taped swimming under water. The owner of the mermaid video explained the same in another video. He says that the video was only meant to create curiosity among people, and use it for advertising purpose. He also states that mermaids do not exist.

The video in the reference section shows a similar case, where a woman creates a mermaid costume for herself and swims underwater like a mermaid.

Hoax or Fact:



Mermaid Costume

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Prashanth Damarla