Monkey Saves a Puppy from an Explosion Site – Facts Analysis

Picture about Monkey Saves a Puppy from an Explosion Site
Monkey Saves a Puppy from an Explosion Site


During a dangerous factory explosion that occurred in China, a monkey was recorded on the camera saving a puppy from the explosion site. He held the dog as he ran out of the factory.
If animals can instinctively show compassion and kindness to each other, so can we.


Picture message of a Monkey holding a Puppy says that it was recorded on a camera during a factory explosion in China – when the monkey saved the puppy dog and ran out of the factory. And this act is given as an example to show some compassion and kindness to fellow human beings. Although the picture is real, the story that comes with it is hoax.

It is a fact that an accidental explosion happened in China’s Nanjing in 2010, where 13 people were killed and hundreds more were injured, but the picture in question is not related to that incident. The original source of this picture is taken from a picture collection of a photographer named Dani Weiss, who captured it during his visit to south east Asia. The photographer describes the picture saying the monkey was only playing around with the puppy. A second picture (shown in the image section below) from his album proves the same. To a related inquiry on Facebook about the origins of the picture, the photographer Dani Weiss replied saying:

Yes I took this photo. This image was taken in a village in the Hilltribe county in Thailand. The monkey was tied up around the waist. He basically was carrying around the puppy and playing with him. Not much more. It looks bizarre but nothing awful seemed to be happening. Never understood why the monkey was tied up. Can’t believe how many places I keep seeing it.

Picture of Monkey Playing around Puppy
Monkey Playing around Puppy

Like he pointed, the picture was circulating with few other stories – even before the mentioned explosion in China. Other versions said the monkey was saving dog from a Japan Tsunami, fire or other accidents, while some even said the monkey was stealing it. The above version of the story started after the explosion in China, and went viral through social media sites like Twitter.

Therefore, messages saying the monkey shown in the picture saved the puppy from an explosion site in China are hoax. Nevertheless, it is not a bad image to keep in mind whenever a disaster strikes! It’s always good to show some compassion and kindness towards fellow human beings. And for those who like to know, monkeys and dogs can bond together and form a very strong relationship, although it may begin violently sometimes. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below, where it shows a ‘light-hearted’ friendship between the two different species.

Hoax or Fact:



Monkey Saves Puppy, But Not From China Explosion
Dani Weiss Photography – South East Asia
Dani Weiss explains on Facebook about the picture

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