Mother Throws Flip Flop, Hits Daughter from Long Distance: Fact Check

Image about Mother Throws Flip Flop, Hits Daughter from Long Distance
Mother Throws Flip Flop, Hits Daughter from Long Distance


VIDEO: Mother Throws Flip Flop At Daughter and Hits Her from Long Distance

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Fact Check:

An interesting video viral on internet space purports to show how an angry mother throws flip flop at her daughter and hits her successfully from long distance. The video shows a woman running out of home, removing one of her slipper, throwing and hitting a girl running down the street. The slipper appears to hit the girl on shoulder as she falls down and the mother ends up laughing. Prior to the hit, a man in the background tells the woman something like “Go on, hit her, hit her!” in Spanish.

The funny and interesting video garnered wide attention on social media sites along with mention in news outlets. Although many viewers believed in the too good to be true incident in video, some rightly doubted its authenticity. The video claiming to show an angry Mother throws Flip Flop at Daughter and Hits Her from Long Distance is in fact fake and fabricated.

Origin of Viral Video – Mother Throws Flip Flop at Daughter

Many online outlets and media sources suggested the video was originally shared by a Twitter user Niño Triqui on 17 Jan. 2019. However, we found the video also appeared a day before on 16th January in YouTube channel Conexion Viral. The Twitter user shared the funny video with a funny description translating to “Never underestimate the power of the chancla”. Chancla is a type of light and comfortable footwear (slipper). At nearly the same time, Facebook page Chale México also shared the video showing ‘respect’ to the Mexican mother who threw slipper with such precision.

Once the video showing mother throws flip flop at daughter became popular, viewers started memes also saying the flip flop had GPS and DNA tracker. While some commented it reminded their childhood, others rightly suggested taking it with a massive grain of salt.

Flaws in Video Claims

Firstly, it should be noted, the details of the woman are not known despite the video going so viral. A close examination into the video will also reveal certain flaws which question authenticity of the incident. As the Mother throws Flip Flop, it takes off and then takes off again high into air, which is unusual. The visibility of slipper – flying in a perfect curve shape in the video – fades away at certain instances. The low resolution video does not even show properly whether the slipper really hits the girl running down the street, who later happens to fall dramatically. All these are hints suggesting the incident showing Mother throws Flip Flop at daughter and hitting her from long distance is staged, and the video edited. The slipper shot in flight is most probably added in CGI to make a viral video.


The Twitter user Niño Triqui has been sharing funny videos on his account. Earlier, the YouTube channel Conexion Viral (meaning Viral Connection) shared the video, again with a funny description translating to say “The power of the Flying Chancla of your Mama!” They shared it in Entertainment section, asking viewers to comment. For your information, mothers using their slippers as weapons are infamous across Latin America. They use it as a way to discipline children. Notably, this infamous concept has been a meme for years and videos of such funny incidents often go viral.

Hoax or Fact:



Too good to be true? Internet split as mother nails daughter with impossible slipper shot (VIDEO)

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