Nareepol Tree, Believe it or not? – Facts Analysis

Picture about Nareepol Tree, Believe it or not
Nareepol Tree, Believe it or not


Nareepol Tree……. Believe it or not?

Hey this is a fruit in human shape. Unbelievable just have a look.
This is amazing tree named “Nareepol” in Thai. Naree means “girl/woman” and pol means plant/tree or “buah” in Malay. It means women tree. It is amazing what God create the World in many forms that amused human beings….
You can see the real tree at Petchaboon province about almost 500 kms away from Bangkok.

Picture about Nareepol Tree, Believe it or not
Nareepol Tree, Believe it or not


These pictures of woman shaped fruits of Nareepol tree was circulating since 2008 through emails, blogs, forums and other social networking sites. The photographs show a tree called Nareepol with fruits in the shape of perfect women figures. The message claims that the tree is located in the Petchaboon province of Thailand.

But the fact is if such a tree existed it would have been quite famous by now and there would be many media reports published on it. Petchaboon province would have been a global tourist attraction is such a tree existed there. Also note that any real tree would not grow such identical fruits. and if this was true, then there would be so many images and videos of the fruit, but the creative designer got time to make only couple of images.  Therefore, Nareepol Tree is certainly a hoax.

Naree means woman, Nareepol means fruit shaped women are in fact mythical creatures described in Thailand’s scripture and other local religious texts. Some prankster could have taken advantage of this significant fact and created this hoax by attaching these artificial women shaped idols to an ordinary tree’s branches and then taking pictures of it.

Hoax or Fact:



Nareepol are mythical creatures

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Prashanth Damarla