NASA Warned Chennai Will Suffer Very High Rainfall with a Hurricane: Hoax

Picture Suggesting NASA Warned Chennai Will Suffer Very High Rainfall with a Hurricane
NASA Warned Chennai Will Suffer Very High Rainfall with a Hurricane



NASA has warned INDIA tat CHENNAI will suffer ah very very high rainfall with a hurricane !!!

NASA has given 2 dates 21,22 …on these 2 days unpredictable rainfall in the history of INDIA will lash tamilnadu …the rainfall will be about 250 cm in CHENNAI!!!

So indian central gov has now deployed 3000 NDRF to tamilnadu and  border security force and airforce and army on the toes….!!

NASA’s prediction never miss….!

Watch CNN IBN they r telecasting the live show….!

** 2 cyclones has formed near sumatra islands

**Has a chance of changing as a big storm


A message going viral through WhatsApp messaging service and other social media sites claims NASA has warned India that Chennai will suffer a very very high rainfall of about 250 cm along with a hurricane, and that it can lash the state of Tamil Nadu. It also claims that Chennai is on high alert now, as Indian central government has set thousands of security officials on toes to tackle the coming disaster. People in Chennai and elsewhere need not worry; the claims are nothing but hoaxes.

Picture Showing High Rainfall Aftermath
High Rainfall Aftermath
Picture Showing High Rainfall Aftermath
High Rainfall Aftermath

The so called NASA prediction of very high rainfall and hurricane in flood-hit Tamil Nadu was doing rounds on WhatsApp causing panic among Chennai residents. Yes, it is a fact that NASA and other partners around the world gathered data from Chennai to analyze the extent of the severe weather and rains that lashed Chennai, but they did not issue any such warning regarding ‘hurricane’ or ‘high rainfall’ in Chennai as mentioned in the story. The news was not telecasted in CNN IBN either. After these stories created panic among residents of Chennai, Regional Meteorological Centre Director SR Ramanan, who has been giving daily weather reports, asked people not to believe the rumors. The original warning was actually issued in 2013, when NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over Cyclone Helen as it was making landfall in eastern India on 22 November 2013.

Other Rumors Surrounding Chennai Floods

While flood-hit Tamil Nadu was struggling with damage caused by record breaking continuous rains, there were other rumors doing rounds online that worried the residents. One story described in our article said 40 Crocodiles had escaped from the Madras Crocodile Bank on East Coast Road of Chennai through the flood waters. Another story warned people that the Chembarambakkam Lake is broken, but the fact being, excess water from the Chembarambakkam Reservoir was released during rains as a precautionary measure, and later when the rains ceased, the discharge of water was reduced.

We request people not to believe in such rumors and false warnings and not to forward messages unless they are authenticated. While the relief operations are going on in Tamil Nadu, let us all pray and hope that people and the state recover at the earliest.

Hoax or Fact:


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Tamil Nadu rains: False Whatsapp message of NASA cyclone prediction causes panic

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