Obama Opens First Concentration Camp in US: Facts

Picture Suggesting Obama Opens First Concentration Camp in US
Obama Opens First Concentration Camp in US


WARNING: Obama Opens First Concentration Camp in US – Plans To Detain Conservatives.

Other Versions

1. FEMA’s First Concentration Camp Officially Opens in Arizona.

2. BREAKING NEWS!! Fema Camps 2015 Time to Wake Up People
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has officially opened their first “Political Realignment Facility,” more famously known as a “concentration camp” or “death camp,” in an area southwest of Willcox, Arizona on Thursday, according to an official FEMA press release. The agency plans on opening another four such facilities in 2015, and plans to have twelve up and running before the 2016 elections.


According to the ‘breaking news’ stories doing rounds online, U.S. President Barack Obama has officially opened FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) First Concentration Camp in Arizona, and that the agency is planning to open dozen such concentration camp facilities in other states of America in 2015 and 2016. The claims are not facts thankfully.

Origin of Story

In late 2015, an article that appeared on website mrconservative.com issued a warning that Obama’s Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA officially opened its first “Political Realignment Facility,” more commonly known as a “concentration camp,” or even a “death camp” in Willcox, Arizona – with a plan to detain conservatives. It referenced a very similar, old article on website nationalreport.net published in March 2015, according to which, the first concentration camp facility, designated as “Camp Alpha”, is built near the Chiricahua national park in southwest Arizona on nearly 500 acres of Federal property. Further, it says the facility will serve as special camps for people who openly dissent against the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party through social media sites.

The fact of the matter, however, is that the National Report is a satirical news website publishing the work of “citizen journalists”. It has a disclaimer that mentions they are a news and political satire web publication, and that all their articles are fiction, and presumably fake news. In related stories section below, you can see some such fake stories originating from the National Report website.

About the Pictures

The first picture showing a group of camp like small houses does not actually show any concentration camp, it in fact is the Azraq camp in northern Jordan for Syrian refugees during civil war, as mentioned in mail Online website dailymail.co.uk. The second picture showing the top view of what appears like a colony of small houses is again not any concentration camp, it is in fact a Trailer Park in the Arizona Desert as can be seen on shutterstock.com.

Picture of Azraq camp for Syrian refugees
Azraq camp for Syrian refugees

To conclude, the couple of pictures and stories saying Obama opened FEMA’s first concentration camp in Arizona officially are basically hoaxes that originated from a satirical website.

Hoax or Fact:


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