Photographs of a Real Chupacabra: Hoax

Photographs of a Real Chupacabra
Photographs of a Real Chupacabra


This Bizarre Vampire Dog is the Real ‘Chupacabra’

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1. This creepy little thing has got everyone stumped

What the heck is this? Some say it resembles a monkey. The teeth, hands (or paws) are dead giveaways that this is probably a primate they say. Others suggest it could either be a chupacabra or an odd looking dog.

2. Leaked photo from Area 51, 2003

Photographs of a Real Chupacabra
Photographs of a Real Chupacabra


Couple of scary pictures supposedly showing a real Chupacabra started spreading widely through blogosphere and social networking sites. The main picture, like the one shared on Twitter here, was also speculated to be a leaked photo from Area 51 of USA in the year 2003. Thankfully, those are not the actual facts.

Photographs of a Real Chupacabra
Photographs of a Real Chupacabra

The picture of what appears like the skeleton of a weird and ugly animal body was shared online along with discussions about the mysterious creature Chupacabra, a blood sucking monster that was believed to inhabit parts of America. However, the mystery was solved, and the ‘Chupacabra’ sightings were proved to be either Dogs or Coyotes that were diseased. You can read about the mystery of Chupacabra in detail here.

As for the photographs in question, they neither show any Chupacabra monster, nor any creature from Area 51. They are in fact taken from a “Sideshow Chupacabra Prop” in the website of Dapper Cadaver, where the prop models are sold online or rented. The product description is given below:

The mythically “goat sucker” of Mexican legend has long been in dispute about its origins. While some claim it to be the spawn of Satan, others contest that it is merely an unfortunately hideous creature with a good heart. You can now decide with your own monstrosity to impress your friends, frighten your neighbors, or ride into the night. Poseable fingers, movable arms, movable head. Product dimensions: 37″ x 22″ x 8″.

Picture of Chupacabra Prop Model
Chupacabra Prop Model

In the Image above, you can view picture of a woman carrying a model of the Chupacabra Prop. Nonetheless, the slideshow pictures of the prop indeed look scary!

Hoax or Fact:


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