Picture of Snake that has Eaten a Wok: Facts

Picture of Snake that has Eaten a Wok
Picture of Snake that has Eaten a Wok


The only snake you’ll see today that’s eaten a wok.

Other Versions

1. Python swallowing huge Wok in public.

2. Snake ate Turtle. Both died.


The picture that went viral online claimed to show a Snake that has supposedly eaten and stuck with a Wok – a huge Chinese frying pan. Some other versions said it is a Python that has swallowed a Tortoise (or Turtle) into its stomach. The picture became popular also because it made into some news outlets like Mirror.co.uk. Well, the picture is not what it appears.

The photograph appears to show a big snake with a large round object in its stomach, with few people around. The picture was shared by a Twitter user on 17 May 2014, and on the same day, it was also shared by Smart SME Facebook page – suggesting the snake ate a turtle.

The fact of the matter is, when the picture was also shared on Reddit, users pointed that it is not real, but depicts a work of art featuring a snake that had eaten a turtle. It was in fact created by a street artist; and later, even Smart SME apologized for their mistake of sharing the photo without citing any credible sources. In Images below, you can see the same art work from another angle.

Picture Showing Not real, Work of Art
Not real, Work of Art
Picture Showing Not real, Work of Art
Not real, Work of Art

A similar picture that circulated in past claimed to show a very large, poisonous king brown Snake that was supposedly found beside a roadway in New South Wales, Australia.

Hoax or Fact:



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