Picture of Zippered Tongue: Facts

Picture of Zippered Tongue
Picture of Zippered Tongue


This Picture of Zippered Tongue is Real!

Other Versions

1. Zipper Piercing on Tongue.

2. Split Zipper Tongue.


This popular picture showing a surgically split tongue body modification with a zipper attached in between has been viral online for many years. Many actually believed it could be real, but no, the picture is photoshopped.

Picture of Zippered Tongue
Picture of Zippered Tongue

The weird picture of zippered tongue was also shared through emails initially, but the fact of the matter is that the picture was taken from ‘Zip it’ photoshop contest on website Worth1000.com, where it backed 5th place entry and carried a title ‘Split Tounge’. As an art of body modification, some people do split their tongue surgically, but in the current picture, the zipper was digitally added. The last picture below shows the original split tongue (without the zipper). Unfortunately, as you can see in Related Stories below, many hoax stories surrounding such photoshopped images keep surfacing online.

Picture of Split Tongue
Split Tongue

Hoax or Fact:


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