Picture Showing Frozen Venice: Facts

Picture Showing Frozen Venice
Picture Showing Frozen Venice


Picture Showing Venice Frozen!


A picture that claims to show Frozen Venice went viral on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Considering the prevalent cold seasons, many people actually believed it to be true, but it is not so.

Source of the Picture

The picture showing frozen Venice first appeared on Instagram in early Feb. 2014, and for it looked amazing and beautiful, it started spreading heavily from there. The same user later posted another frozen picture of the famous Italian city Venice at night.

The Facts

Firstly, if the picture were real, then the frozen waters would not be as clear-blue as it is; in between the Venice city, where the waters would be somewhat brown (dark) with natural contamination. Yes, the image showing frozen Venice is a photoshop creation. It is a mash-up of two different pictures. A photo of Venice taken in Venezia-Murano-Burano in July 2008 by Luis Manuel Osorio Fernandez is merged with another frozen picture of freshwater Lake Bakail in Russia, which was taken by Daniel Kordan. You can view both the pictures below.

Original Picture of Venice, Photoshopped
Original Picture of Venice, Photoshopped
Frozen picture of freshwater Lake Bakail in Russia
Frozen picture of freshwater Lake Bakail in Russia

Does Venice Freeze?

The canals and lagoons in Venice do freeze, but that happens rarely. It happened back in February 2012, during an early February cold snap because of Europe’s big freeze. The last picture in Image Gallery shows a boat traversing a frozen canal in Venice on 6 Feb. 2012. But as suggested in the story, this year in Feb. 2014 it did not get so cold there.

Picture of A frozen canal in Venice
A frozen canal in Venice

To conclude, the photo claiming to show Frozen Venice is a hoax; it’s a photoshop creation made from two different pictures. With photo manipulations like this, many people on internet have always come up with many such unusual claims.

Hoax or Fact:


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Venice’s canals freeze over

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