Pig Fish or Hog Fish Photo: Hoax

Picture of Pig Fish or Hog Fish Photo
Pig Fish or Hog Fish Photo


A new species of fish has been discovered in Texas creeks. It’s known as the Wild Hogfish and can be extremely aggressive, and their numbers are increasing like crazy. Very tasty, a little like bacon, they are good eatin’. Once reintroduced domestically, they become goldfish.

Other Versions

1. This ‘pig-nose fish’, was found in the dam of Clanwilliam, flowing waters of the Burg Rivers of Cape Town, South Africa. I have never seen one of these critters but doubt it that it would be kosher or halaal.

2. Amazing new fish discovered in Arkansas.


A picture claiming to show what is usually termed as a pig-fish, pig-nose fish or wild hogfish has been shared online since many years. The picture accompanies various text stories and is popularly shared on social media sites saying the pig fish is supposedly discovered in various places. The picture is not real.

The picture of ‘pig fish’ is in fact the result of digital manipulation; it is photoshopped. The original picture (shown below) is a rather common fish that does not have any resemblance to pig’s face.

Picture of Actual Common Fish
Actual Common Fish


While the picture and stories about the discovery of ‘Pig Fish’ are hoax, an actual species of fish called Hogfish (picture below) does exist, but again, it does not resemble the picture in question. The Hogfish (Lachnolaimus maximus) has a long, pig-like snout and protrusible mouth though.

Picture of Actual Hog Fish
Actual Hog Fish

Hoax or Fact:


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