Pigeon Salutes Russian President Putin – Video: Fact Check

Image about Pigeon Salutes Russian President Putin - Video
Pigeon Salutes Russian President Putin - Video


Pigeon Salutes Russian President Vladimir Putin – Video

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Putin Waves to Bird and Bird Waves Back

Putin Salutes Pigeon

Fact Check:

An interesting video is viral on social media purporting to show a Pigeon Salutes Russian President Vladimir Putin. It appears to show Putin waving to the Bird and the Bird waving back. No, the incident is not real – the pigeon saluting/waving is a digital creation.

About the ‘Pigeon Salutes Putin’ Video

The video in fact shows the Russian President Putin spreading his left hand in a gesture of waving at the pigeon walking around him, after which it appears to salute the President. Accompanying messages of the video suggested the incident shows the Russian President’s aura and power. GIF version of the Vladimir Putin Pigeon was popular earlier; when some viewers also joked the pigeon is undercover KGB agent.

On the other hand, YouTube channel Ruptly posted the original video on 31st May 2017 with the title “Russia: Coo-Coo! – Putin blanked by pigeon at Spiritual Centre“. It only shows the pigeon moving away little as Putin extends his hand and then walks along on its path. There is no salute or waving of wing or whatsoever. The incident happened while the Russian President was walking in the grounds of the Rogozhskaya Zastava Spiritual Centre in Moscow.

So, the video is digitally edited to create a fascinating scene for the sake of entertainment. Slowing down the speed of the video on YouTube clearly shows the editing signs around the wing region of pigeon. The fake videos came up the very next day on 1st June 2017 and went viral. In contrast to the claim, the original video on Ruptly in fact carried a description stating the humble pigeon ignored the Russian President Vladimir Putin. This story reminds us of a viral video from 2014 which claimed to show a Bird Poops on Putin during speech.

For your information, there was also a related, popular parody video from early June 2017. It said to show KGB Pigeon salutes Vladimir Putin as he waves, then proceeds to honor the great leader in the Sky with friends.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla