Pilot Skill Fails Terrorist Attack in Algeria, Video: Fact Check

Image about Pilot Skill Fails Terrorist Attack in Algeria, Video
Pilot Skill Fails Terrorist Attack in Algeria, Video


Terrorist attack in Algeria, which fails to work because of the pilot’s immense skill

Other Versions

Turkish airline escaped from a deliberate collision planned by the terrorist with a fuel tanker. The expertise of the pilot and the decision he took within a fraction of a second saved 380 passenger on board. It’s called miracle.

Fact Check:

An interesting video in wide circulation online purports to show how skillfully an Airplane Pilot in Algeria Fails a Terrorist Attack on Runway. It appears to show an oil tanker coming onto the runway suddenly and the pilot of the landing plane taking it off again in a narrow escape of crash. Despite the popularity of the video, the claims are not true.

Image about Pilot Skill Fails Terrorist Attack in Algeria, Video

Pilot Fails Terrorist Attack?

The video and the associated claims are doing rounds online in many languages including English, Chinese and Spanish. From September 2019, the video also appeared with claims saying it shows a Turkish airline escaping from terrorist collision, saving 380 passengers. Believing it as real, even a government official in Pakistan shared the video praising the timely skill of the pilot in narrow escape from the ‘obvious crash’. Nonetheless, the incident shown in the video is not real. The truth of it is in fact a facepalm moment.

The video simply shows a simulation of an action-adventure video game called Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV). The developer of the game created a situation where an oil tanker comes onto runway during the landing of Airbus A380. As it happens, the pilot immediately takes off the plane to survive the crash on runway. The full video below also shows one instance of the failed simulation.

So, the claims saying the video shows an Airplane pilot skillfully fails a terrorist attack in Algeria is a hoax. Modern gaming technologies have produced more realistic displays, which are sometimes shared as real. Few years back a sequence from a Battlefield video game was shared as Fighter Jet F35 taking vertical takeoff and flip.

Hoax or Fact:



Government officials mistakenly believe that “GTAV” simulates the crisis film as true and also praises the aircraft operator

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