President Trump Drunk in a Kindergarten, Video: Fact Check

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President Trump Drunk in a Kindergarten, Video


Video of President Trump Drunk in a Kindergarten!

Other Versions

Behind the scenes at Trump’s White House during Trump’s government shut down

Fact Check:

An ‘unbelievable’ video circulating online alleging to show US President Donald Trump bouncing on a rubber space hopper toy in a kindergarten and playing around kids, before being dragged by one of his security persons. Accompanying messages claim the video shows President Trump drunk in a kindergarten. Other versions say it shows behind the scenes at Trump’s White House during his government shut down. No, the claims are not true; the person you see in the video is not real Donald Trump.

Not Video of Donald Trump Drunk in Kindergarten

The video in question is circulating on WhatsApp and other social networking platforms and claims to show the American president drunk and playing with kids when visiting a kindergarten. It appears to show one of his security aides intervening and forcing him get out of there. The video is in fact a short clip coming from a comedy video of American TV channel program, Comedy Central. The actor in the video in circulation is blurred slightly to give a false impression he is the real Donald Trump. The ‘security person’ dragging him is again an actor playing Vice President Mike Pence.

The comedy sketch video is over five minute long and begins with the actor – posing as Donald Trump – visiting and talking to the children. YouTube channel of Comedy Central uploaded the video of ‘The President Show’ in May 2017 with title ‘Donny Goes to School‘. It carried the description – “During a special trip to an elementary school, the president reads an incredible book to the kids and runs his immigration policy by his new pals“.

On the other hand, the comedy video also appears among memes and keeps surfacing again, especially during poll times.

Hoax or Fact:


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