Raccoon Carrying a Cat or Kitten in Its Arms, Photograph: Fact Check

About Raccoon Carrying a Cat or Kitten in Its Arms, Photograph
Raccoon Carrying a Cat or Kitten in Its Arms, Photograph


Cute Photograph of Raccoon Carrying a Cat/Kitten in Its Arms

Other Versions

Raccoon Holding a Cat

Fact Check:

A heavily popular image circulating through social media claims to show Photograph of a Raccoon standing upright near a doorway and Carrying a Cat/Kitten in its paws. The image has been viral online because of the cute nature of it. However, it is not real and explained here.

Not a Photograph of Raccoon Carrying Cat/Kitten

Firstly, there are also other variants of the image in circulation. While some show just the Raccoon standing on its paws, others also show a Fire Extinguisher hanging over a wall beside the creature.

While images with Raccoon are circulating online since at least 2011, the older variants of the background image go back to 2007. In place of Raccoon, the older version of the image showed McDonald in the form of a kid in GIF format.

Likewise, the images of Raccoon and Cat also appeared in many funny memes and ‘aww’ images carrying descriptions like “Please. My wife. She’s very sick.”

To conclude, the images of Raccoon standing upright and carrying a cat or kitten in its paws is not real – it is a Photoshop creation. For your information, Raccoons and Cats do get along fine in most cases. However, Cat is a pet and Raccoon is not.

Hoax or Fact:


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