Race Car Loses Tyre: Funny and Incredible Video – Facts

Picture from Race Car Loses Tyre, Funny and Incredible Video
Race Car Loses Tyre, Funny and Incredible Video


One in a Million Chance

Just watch what happens with the wheel 🙂 Incredible…

After a wheel falls off this race car, it safely rolls down the track and stacks itself nicely on top of the pile of other tires instead of causing a pileup.


This is an old video that keeps circulating now and then, raising doubts whether it is a factual clipping or a hoax video. The video shows the footage of a car race, wherein a car is shown to lose one of its tyres, which rolls down all the way down the track and settles on top of a group of tyres lying besides the race track. This incident is shown as a one in a million chance – an incredible one. Not really!


Although the video appears real, incredible and funny at the same time, it does have few flaws that question the authenticity of the incident. Firstly, the video starts from nowhere and as the car gets onto the side track, the wheel tyre appears like coming from behind the car. The car does not appear to have lost one wheel and was able to travel well for a brief time before it comes to halt. Even the driver seems to say something that is not clear. And then as the tyre starts rolling down the race track, it does not look realistic and the video appears to be cleverly edited. Yes, that is in fact the case here.


The small and light logo on bottom right of the video which appears for a brief time does prove that the video is not original. A closer look at the logo revealed that it is Div X Video, as shown in the Image below. In addition to combining and converting videos from other sources, Div X Video Software gives you the ability to edit your existing DivX videos. You can use the Div X editing tools to add or remove scenes to create the video you want. The video in question was in fact uploaded on YouTube back in July 2006 by a user named Menchox – in comedy section. As of this writing, no personal information is mentioned there, and his channel contains six videos in total – all listed in comedy section. This concludes to saying that the incredibly funny video showing a race car lose tyre is not real, and the incident portrayed is a hoax.

Picture from Race Car Loses Tyre, Funny and Incredible Video
Picture from Race Car Loses Tyre, Funny and Incredible Video

It has become kind of trend these days to create funny and interesting videos like this to grab the attention of people and use it to generate traffic. You can find some more related stories below.

Hoax or Fact:


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