Rare Hybrid Animal Meeraffe Picture: Fact Check

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Rare Hybrid Animal Meeraffe Picture


Meet the Rare Hybrid Animal Meeraffe that actually exists in reality.

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Meeraffe, a Hybrid Animal.

Fact Check:

A cute picture seen often online purports to show a Rare Hybrid Animal Meeraffe that indeed exists. The picture, allegedly showing a hybrid of Meerkat and Giraffe, appeared so realistic that many viewers actually believed it to be true. But no, the hybrid animal Meeraffe does not exist – what you see in the picture is a Photoshop creation.

The Hybrid Animal Meeraffe Does Not Exist

The picture of short and sweet-looking Meeraffe was in fact created by Photoshop using a normal Meerkat photograph. Flickr user Mikhail Koninin shared the original picture of Meerkat at a Zoo in Novosibirsk (Siberia) back in 2012. To demonstrate, you can see both the pictures below:

The picture of hybrid animal Meeraffe was in fact created by a Photoshop artist and photographer Sarah DeRemer. It was part of her series of ‘Hybrid Animals’. Interestingly, she also creates wacky animal hybrids that are mostly cute and sometimes terrifying as well. Likewise, you can see some of them below. The hybrid animals are also given odd names.

To conclude, the picture allegedly showing Meeraffe as a real hybrid animal is just a Photoshop creation. Therefore, the claim is a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:



Photoshop Artist Creates Wacky Animal Hybrids that are Mostly Cute and Sometimes Terrifying

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