Real Mermaid Sighting in Nashville, Video: Fact Check

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Real Mermaid Sighting in Nashville, Video


Somebody in Nashville Saw a Real Mermaid and had it on Video!

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Real Mermaid Spotted in Nashville, TN at Percy Priest Lake ?♀️

Mermaid Sighting in Nashville!

Fact Check:

A video became viral on social media alleging to show a girl spotted a Real Mermaid in a Nashville lake and had it on video. The video shot from a far off vehicle appears to show a Mermaid like creature swimming in the lake and the girl shouting in surprise. Although the video is real, what you see swimming in the lake is not a Mermaid.

Not Video of a Real Mermaid in Nashville

Although the video is popular on social media with millions of views, there are no credible reports of the mermaid sighting in Nashville. Apart from the girl shooting the scene, no other people in the vehicles around appear shocked at the sight of ‘mystical creature’. Tales of mermaid usually come from the Ocean, not a lake. On the other hand, Nashville is a showbiz hub. It also has entertaining outlets in the name of the mystical sea creature, Mermaid. For instance, there’s Aquamermaid offering private mermaid swimming lessons for various parties and occasions. One can wiggle into a colorful Lycra tail monofin and jump right into water for swimming like a mermaid.

Notice the person (perhaps a girl) taking a breath and then diving inside to show up the tail side of ‘Mermaid’. Towards the end of video, you can also see the person’s hands trying to swim through the lake. So, it is certain what you see in the video is not a real mermaid and a person in mermaid swimming suit. Perhaps, it’s just a girl wearing one of those mermaid tails you can buy. While sometimes people mistake such sightings for possible real mermaids, more often pranksters share these videos as real mystical creatures.

A similar story fabricated in past claimed to show Philippines fishermen killed Mermaid enthusiast accidentally. Accompanying photographs in fact showed Brazilian man Davi de Oliveira Moreira posing in his mermaid tail costume.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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