Real Werewolf Caught and Killed by German Soldiers: Video – Hoax Analysis

Picture about Real Werewolf Caught and Killed by German Soldiers, Video
Real Werewolf Caught and Killed by German Soldiers, Video


Real Werewolf Footage taken in Germany 1942!
A Clip From A German History Documentary. Seems To Show A Real Werewolf Shot And Killed By German Soldiers !



The message comes with a video footage claiming to show a group of German soldiers who have caught and killed a real Werewolf in 1942. Although the video claims to be a source of German history documentary, the story is not a fact. The werewolf video footage is a hoax.

Werewolves were always an interesting part of fiction stories and tales going back to ancient past. The concept of Werewolf is actually a European folklore, where a Man is believed to change into a Wolf during night time and is going to kill and eat animals, people and corpses, returning to his normal human form by day. There were many interesting stories around these Werewolves, some thought to change their shape at will, others inheriting the condition when bitten by a werewolf; and that these transformations occur involuntarily in the influence of a full moon. This belief in werewolves was popular throughout the world, especially during 16th-century in France. However, these are simply beliefs and tales, some relating to mythology as well.
Studies have shown that humans who believed they are werewolves actually suffered from a rare mental disorder called Lycanthropy, one form of Therianthropy (beast-man), i.e the ability of shapeshifting into animals in general, which is a just mythological concept. Therianthropes only exist in ancient cave drawings. Lycanthropy is a rare psychiatric condition where the person lives in a supernatural delusion that he can transform into, has transformed into, or is some kind of non-human animal like wolf. Lykos in Greek means “wolf” and anthropos means “human being”. Reports show such instances of Lycanthropy in ancient history as well, relating them to the Werewolf concept.

Coming to the video shown in the story, the presenter Roman Ehrlichmann, who is claimed to be a professor in History of anthropology does not appear to be genuine. There is no evidence online to prove his authenticity. The G – Geschichte logo appearing on top left of video, translates to G – History and is not the official logo as well. If you observe the video footage of the soldiers clearly, you can see that those are random shots gathered together; the varied colors of the footage will confirm the same. The video neither shows the soldiers attacking the werewolf, nor any kind of movement of the creature. The creature does not even appear like it has been just killed, that is to say – if it were a real animal or a werewolf, it would not become so stiff and inflexible immediately after dying. The video frame that shows the creature does not show the soldiers clearly and completely, it only shows the legs of soldiers standing beside it. And if you observe the color of the picture before and after this frame, you will understand that the scene is created and added to the old footage of soldiers. Also note that this is only such video available on YouTube; the uploader channel, Fields Of Mischief, which is a UK based ‘Film and Music production team’ has this one and only ‘different’ video among all other music and film promotional videos. Moreover, if any strange creatures like this was really captured, it would have easily made into news headlines around the world, and there will be detailed scientific data documented about it. But this is not the case here.

All this concludes that the video footage showing the German soldiers killing a Werewolf is not real, it is ‘made up’. The story is a hoax, which is most probably developed as a part of marketing technique, for gaining people’s attention.

Hoax or Fact:



G – Geschichte

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Prashanth Damarla

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  1. That was a horrible method of debunking this footage. You did no real research and are basically just claiming because you can’t find anything, including the original film that is probably a hoax, along with claiming this is based on folklore. In the United States alone there is hundreds of credible accounts of the same type of creature called the dogman. All I have to say is I give this analysis two thumbs way down.

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