Real Woolly Mammoth Sighting in Siberia in 1943: Facts

Picture about Real Woolly Mammoth Sighting in Siberia in 1943
Real Woolly Mammoth Sighting in Siberia in 1943


Real Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) sighting (Yakutsk city, Sakha Republic, Siberia 1943).

After the conclusion of the WW2 Battle of Stalingrad, Nazi Party member and official photographer for the NSDAP, Holger Hildebrand, was captured by the Red Army at the Battle of Stalingrad. He and thousands of other Wehrmacht soldiers were later sent on a death march towards Siberia; this mammoth footage is understood to have been taken during that journey. (Hildebrand is believed to have died a prisoner of war at a Soviet forced labor camp in late 1945. His Granddaughter later came into possession of the footage when his belongings were repatriated to Germany from Russia decades after his death.)

Other Versions

WW2 Live Woolly Mammoth video discovered

Picture about Real Woolly Mammoth Sighting in Siberia in 1943
Real Woolly Mammoth Sighting in Siberia in 1943


A video circulating online claims to show the sighting of a live Woolly Mammoth in Siberia shot by a Nazi Party member and photographer Holger Hildebrand during World War 2 in 1943. The footage is said to have been discovered from his Granddaughter in Russia. Well, that’s not the fact!

The Woolly Mammoth is an extinct species, the last mainland population of which existed in the Kyttyk Peninsula of Siberia about 9,650 years ago. So there is no possibility that someone could have seen one in 1943. The video was originally shared on YouTube in July 2013 by Incredible World (WeirdWildSpooky earlier), an educative channel. The end description of the video, which is perhaps added later by the uploader, clearly suggests that the footage is not real:

“…Friends, most content shown is either manufactured or altered or exaggerated. Yes, this is essentially an entertainment and comedy channel — and we sincerely hope you appreciate that and enjoy the experience!”


Screenshot from BBC Documentary movie on Mammoths
Screenshot from BBC Documentary movie on Mammoths

The video was in fact taken from a 2001 BBC Documentary titled ‘Walking with Beasts – Mammoth Journey‘. As you can see from the documentary in above video, at timeframe 19:06, the short clip of a single Woolly Mammoth is cropped out, converted to black and white, mirrored, and then edited to fabricate the ‘amazing’ sighting during WW2.

Another Woolly Mammoth Video

In early Feb. 2012, a video (shown above) that claimed to show a live woolly mammoth crossing a river in Russia became an internet sensation. It was allegedly caught by a government-employed engineer the previous summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia. Skeptics initially thought it could be just a bear with a large fish hanging from its mouth. However, it was shown to be clever video editing later, when Filmmaker Ludovic Petho came forward to claim the footage (without the Woolly Mammoth) belonged to him. He said his video was apparently altered to add the mysterious shape, as shown in the video below. The scenic footage was shot by him at the Kitoy River in Siberia’s Sayan Mountains in 2011 summer – without any Woolly Mammoth.

For the interested, a perfectly preserved Baby Woolly Mammoth was found on a Siberian riverbank in May 2007. The 40-thousand-year-old Baby Lyuba that scientists believe died at the end of the Ice Age is under study.

Hoax or Fact:



‘Mammoth’ video identified … without the mammoth

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