Remains of Nazi Officer Inside 100-Yr Old Giant Catfish: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Remains of a Nazi Officer Found Inside Stomach of a 100-Year Old Giant Catfish
Remains of a Nazi Officer Found Inside Stomach of a 100-Year Old Giant Catfish


Nazi Officer Remains Found inside the Stomach of a Giant Catfish

Other Versions

1. Remains of Nazi Officer Discovered in 100-year Old Giant Catfish

2. Polish fishermen found the remains of a Nazi in the belly of the 100-year fish.

Fact Check:

A bizarre story that appears online often claims to show with pictures that Polish fishermen have found the remains of a Nazi officer inside the belly of a 100-year old Giant Catfish. No, the claims as such are not facts.

Origin of Story & Actual Facts

The story in question actually originated from an article on World News Daily Report website published on 10th April 2015 with the title “Remains of Nazi Officer Discovered inside 100-Year Old Giant Catfish“. According to it, the ‘amazing discovery’ was allegedly made by a pair of Polish fisherman when they opened the belly of a 410 pound catfish they caught in the Oder River. The article also carries certain pictures suggesting the stomach of the monstrous fish contained fragments of human bones, as well as German military artefacts dating back to the Second World War.

Since then the story, the pictures and the bizarre claim keep surfacing online in various versions. Nonetheless, the truth of the matter being, World News Daily Report website is a well-known satirical publication that has been publishing fictional stories like 200 Million Year Old Dinosaur Egg Hatches in Berlin Museum, Ship Reappears 90 Years After Going Missing in Bermuda Triangle, and 59-Year-Old Chinese Miner Comes Out Alive After 17 Years Underground. The website also carries Disclaimer information that mentions the satirical and fictional nature of their content.

Unrelated Pictures

The pictures that accompany the aforementioned story are real but are not related. The first picture shows a 280-pound Wels Catfish caught along the Po River in Italy by fisherman Dino Ferrari and his twin brother Dario in February 2015 (you can see few other pictures below). The second picture of Eagle medal is in fact a piece of German World War II memorabilia auctioned in 2009 by Dotta Auction Co. Inc. in Pennsylvania. The third picture showing a set of bones are actually 17th-century human bones excavated in Jamestown, Virginia in 2013.

So the claim that Polish fishermen have discovered the remains of a Nazi officer inside the stomach of a 100-year old Giant Catfish is a hoax that originated from a satirical publication.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla