Russia’s Got Talent Fatal Accident: Video – Facts

Picture about Russia's Got Talent Fatal Accident, Video
Russia's Got Talent Fatal Accident, Video


Russia’s Got Talent (Fatal?) Accident: Two guys get really dizzy and one tries to shoot a can off the others head. You know where this is going…


This is a video footage of what is shown as a tragic death accident in Russia’s Got Talent Show. The video shows two men displaying an act of performance on a ‘talent’ stage, and when one of them tries to shoot a can off the other’s head with a bow and arrow, he ends up hitting his head and the man supposedly falls down to death. Although the accident appeared real, and the video went viral, it is not a fact!

This video claiming to show a fatal accident in Russia’s got talent show has been around for many years now. The video has been shared with several titles, like America’s got talent, Armenia’s got talent, or Poland’s got talent gone horribly wrong. However, there are many loopholes in the video that question if it is even an authentic talent show. The video does not have any sound or dialog, the stage and the surroundings do not display any banners of an authentic talent show as claimed. Before the man shoots the other person with arrow, they two display a very funny and silly act of performance that is generally not accepted by any ‘talent’ show. And when his partner is shot in head and he falls down, the man who shoots him does not seem to show up any surprise or horror – as if it was preplanned or staged. Moreover, if such an accident really happened in a talent show, where a performer died, it would have easily made into news. All this goes to say that the video is not real.

The video was in fact a parody of the casting in the talent shows. Back in April 2009, Susan Boyle, a Scottish singer became world famous after she appeared as a contestant on the TV programme Britain’s Got Talent. After that hit, many such talent shows came up, but not many talented people. The present video is a parody of the same. Therefore, the video claiming to show a fatal accident in Russia’s Got Talent Show is a hoax; it is staged and then neatly edited later.

Many people thought that the video could be a viral ad to promote the energy drink Cult cola that the person holds on his head, but it does not appear so. The video clearly highlighted ‘Talent’ – in center of the banner on stage, also on the water glasses on judges’ table. It’s just a funny parody, meant for entertainment!

Hoax or Fact:



A Parody of the casting in the talent show

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Prashanth Damarla