Sachin Tendulkar as a Woman in Fancy Dress Competition – Hoax Analysis



Look at this lady

Look at this lady.. Closely..

She is one of the richest Indians, and has millions of fans all over the world!

Name??? Any guesses??

Answer …

Go down…….. …….

Sachin Tendulkar in college fancy dress competition. Am sure u will go back to take a look..

(C’mon look again.. Carefully)

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Rare Pic: Sachin Tendulkar Cricketer in College Fancy Dress Competition


Note: The image in question has been removed as per the request of image owner.

The message shows a picture of a woman dressed up in a Saree and claims that she is none other than the famous Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar during a Fancy dress competition in his college days. Although the woman’s facial features do resemble him somewhat, it is NOT Sachin Tendulkar. The story is a hoax.

This picture claiming to show Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar dressed up as a woman during in his college fancy dress competition had been popular over the years – while the viewers were unsure whether the picture was a photoshop hoax creation, or is indeed Sachin himself! It is not Sachin, she appears to be some other unsuspecting woman. Sachin was a drop-out student and has never been to college, he got into his cricketing career at a very early age, so the story cannot be a fact. Moreover, the oldest available source of the picture in question appears to be the one shared by a user in an adult website. It was shared in a thread titled ‘Saree is the sexiest dress in the world‘, on 12th September 2005, and it was also accompanied by a poetry relating her to a dream lover. The profile and sharing history of the user reveals that he has been sharing pictures of beautiful women, sometimes followed by poetry as well. This suggests that the picture indeed shows a woman, and is not photoshopped.

But then how come the rumor started!? The super moderator of the above mentioned website called the woman Sachin in subsequent post, which we believe was only a humor, and that is how the rumor and hoax stories started circulating ever since. Few people considered it as a funny photoshop trick, while many actually believed it could be Sachin, sometimes even overlooking the fun and humor categories this picture was generally shared in.

So the woman in saree picture is not Sachin Tendulkar, it is most certainly a woman who somewhat resembles him. Making fun of a legendary cricketer is not a great idea though, it is also embarrassing to the woman in picture.

Hoax or Fact:



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