Singer Tommy Torres Death Hoax

Picture about Singer Tommy Torres Death Hoax
Singer Tommy Torres Death Hoax


RT @BBCBreaking : #Breaking Singer Tommy Torres has passed away after a recent show. More info to come soon

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Singer Tommy Torres dies at 41.

Picture about Singer Tommy Torres Death Hoax
Singer Tommy Torres Death Hoax


Messages circulating online, especially on Twitter, claim that the famous Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Tommy Torres has died at the age of 41. It is not a fact.

These messages talking about the death of Tommy Torres first surfaced on Twitter on Friday, 16 August 2013. Retweets mentioning BBC Breaking News talked about this breaking story that Tommy Torres has passed away after his recent show. These retweets gained momentum and the message went viral, and many people tweeted saying “RIP Tommy Torres” or “Tommy Tores murio (died)”. These rumors of singer’s death also gained traction on Facebook.

However, the Twitter profile of BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) does not show any such tweet about Tommy Torres’s death. There are no media reports about the singer’s death, neither in English nor in Spanish. Also, there appears to be no such public statement from his publicist or family members. Therefore, the messages saying Tommy Torres died at 41 are hoax, and probably is the work of a prankster.

Celebrity death hoaxes like this are not new over internet. Many celebrities were ‘killed’ like this in the past – sometimes as a matter of prank, and sometimes as a part of scam. Readers are advised to be wise when it comes to believing something they read online.

Hoax or Fact:


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Tommy Torres Death Hoax Spreads Via Twitter
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