That’s One Way to Stop Road Rage: Hoax

Picture about That's One Way to Stop Road Rage Video
That's One Way to Stop Road Rage Video


That’s one way to stop road rage.

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How to handle road rage. Level: Boss


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An animated image circulating on social media sites since few years claims to show a road rage incident wherein a passenger in a Car shows a Gun to ‘silence’ the rage. Although some people thought it could be an actual road rage incident to handle it like a ‘Boss’, what is shown in the clipping is not factual.

Picture of Russian Television series Desantura
Russian Television series Desantura

The animated image also in the form of video has been doing rounds online with other descriptions attached to it, like ‘How Russians deal with road rage‘ and ‘How to Deal with Stupid Drivers‘. While some people thought the incident shown in the clipping could be a part of some commercial advertisement, it is in fact a fragment of a 2009 Russian Television series titled Desantura (Десантура). Shown in the video is the clip in full context. So the stories in question are simply pranks.

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Prashanth Damarla