The Pope’s Tablecloth Magic Trick was a Miracle: Hoax

Picture Showing The Pope's Tablecloth Magic Trick was a Miracle
The Pope's Tablecloth Magic Trick was a Miracle


The Pope’s Tablecloth Trick Was a Miracle!

Other Versions

1. Pope Francis Table Cloth Magic Trick Popes Astonishing Feat Ellen.

2. Pope Francis Thug Life Tablecloth Trick.
Da best pope shows off his talent while he’s visiting in Washington before a meeting.

3. I didn’t know Pope Francis was also a magician…


A video clipping in heavy circulation online (first one in this article) claims to show that Pope Francis shows off his talent while he’s visiting Washington before a meeting – the old ‘yank a tablecloth, leaving everything else on the table undisturbed’ trick. Although the clipping is shown as a miracle from the Pope, it is not a fact!

The footage in question actually shows Pope Francis’ midday prayer at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in late September 2015 during his historical visit to United States. In the second video starting from timeframe 30:21 you can see the original footage of Pope’s visit to St. Matthew’s Cathedral, where he offers flowers over a table covered with white cloth – and then he simply walks away; without actually doing any kind of tablecloth trick shown in the first video. The heavily edited video originated from an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where you can see Ellen setting up the joke (third video), showing it as ‘The Pope’s Astonishing Feat’.

So in short, Pope Francis did not do any tablecloth magic kind of trick or miracle during his historical visit to United States; the clipping is simply a clever editing with some added special effects.

Hoax or Fact:


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