Three Eyes Miracle Baby, Veerabrahmendra Prediction: Fact Check

Image about Three Eyes Miracle Baby - Veerabrahmendra Prediction
Three Eyes Miracle Baby - Veerabrahmendra Prediction


Three Eyes Miracle Baby – Potuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami Prediction comes true – weird baby born in foreign country.

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1. వింతశిశువు : పోతులూరి వీర బ్రహ్మేంద్రస్వామి చెప్పిన విధంగా విదేశంలో వింతశిశువు జననం..ముచ్చటగా మూడుకన్నులతో మూర్తీభవించిన త్రినేత్రుడు…జై శ్రీమన్నారాయణ ??????

2. బ్రహ్మం గారు చెప్పినట్టు భూలోక త్రినేత్రుడు కూడా వచ్చేసాడు ?

3. బ్రహ్మం గారి కాలజ్ఞానం నిజం అయ్యింది.. 3 కళ్ళతో పుట్టిన శిశువు

Fact Check:

An ‘unusual’ video is in wide circulation online alleging to show a miracle Baby with Three Eyes, saying famous Indian sage Potuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami’s prediction comes true. No, the claims are not true – the video is an edited one, adding the third eye on forehead using some software.

Not Video of Three Eyes Baby or Veerabrahmendra Swamy Prediction

The video and the claim in question are doing rounds on WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube among others. The video garnered attention because accompanying claim mentioned famous Indian sage Potuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami’s prediction. Earlier, there was popular claim saying he predicted Coronavirus outbreak in his Kalagnanam (knowledge of time).

The story in question mentions Veerabrahmendra Swami’s prediction saying a weird baby will take birth in a foreign country. The video shows a cute little baby sitting in a stroller responds to couple of people talking to him – looking at them with ‘three eyes’. YouTube channel 10news India shared the short video on 9th July 2020 questioning if the three eyes baby is real.

Notably, description of the video mentions another, old case published in West African Journal of Radiology. It documented about a “three-eyed” infant as a case of partial facial duplication (diprosopus monocephalus triophthalmos). The 1-year-old boy child in fact had additional visible eye in his left temporal region.

Case of Video Editing

On the other hand, there are no credible reports to suggest what is shown in the video is a real case of baby with three eyes. So, it is evident, someone created the video using editing software and shared online. The ‘third eye’ is most probably a replication of the baby’s left eye.

Note, the video appeared earlier on YouTube – without any such claims. A Chinese Twitter user @gmmj0709 also shared it suggesting a three-eyed baby appeared. The same day, the user shared another video about resurrection of Dinosaur – both not real.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla