Unbeliable Mountain Goats Jumping down from 50 meters – Facts Analysis

Picture about Unbeliable Mountain Goats Jumping down from 50 meters
Unbeliable Mountain Goats Jumping down from 50 meters


Unbelievable mountain goats jumping down from a hill of 50 meters height.

Other Versions

1. Himalayan flying goats video.

2. Himalayan ninja goats flying video.



The video shows mountain goats jumping over the passage through a height of about 50 meters, claiming it to be a real one. The video messages try to signify that these are Himalayan ninja goats that have this special ability to jump over mountains through such tremendous heights. Although the video appears to be real, it is not a fact. The message is a hoax.

The video is uploaded way back in May 2009, under Pets and Animals category. It is a Japanese YouTube channel, and so is the commentary about the video, saying that those are Himalayan Ibex goats, a type of mountain goats.

Loopholes in the Video

The first thing that is difficult to believable is the speed at which the first goat jumps across the mountain height. If you observe the video closely, you will see that the goats jumping across the mountain fly in same line of unrealistic trajectory and land at same spot on the left part of mountain. And then why should the video recording discontinue while the other goats did not complete their jump, to shoot their follow through. If the video recording was real, the cameraman would not have missed out on capturing such an amazing incident.


As told in the video, the goats shown are Ibex wild goats. Ibex are bovine (relating to cattle) species of goats living in mountainous habitats, and are well known for their skillful ‘climbing’ among steep cliffs of mountain areas. The NATGEO Wild video above is an example to show that Ibex goats are naturally amazing climbers. The video below is an example to show that they can also jump to considerable levels of height in mountain areas, but there is no evidence to prove that they can jump across a 50 meters high mountain in that unrealistic fashion.

The himalayan flying goats video is therefore a hoax. It is made, mostly by adding various frames of goat images onto an image of a mountain, so as to create an illusion that it is real.

Hoax or Fact:



Ibex goats

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