Unbelievable – Tree Penetrates a Car Overnight in France: Fact Check

Image about Unbelievable - Tree Penetrates a Car Overnight in France
Unbelievable - Tree Penetrates a Car Overnight in France


Unbelievable: Tree Penetrates a Car Overnight in France. No one knows how it happened.

Other Versions

1. This tree sprouted overnight through a car in France and no one knows how it happened

2. The car pierced by a tree shocked people in Nantes City of France

Fact Check:

Certain videos and pictures are doing rounds on social media platforms alleging to show an Unbelievable sight – a Tree Penetrates a Car Overnight in France. Accompanying messages say no one knows how the tree entered the car. They also mention shock of the people flocking to the scene, taking pictures and videos of the strange incident. What you see is real – but it is an Art Installation, not a strange or unbelievable incident.

Tree Penetrates Car in France is Art Installation

Firstly, the story in question reminds us of another old one claiming to show a Tree Ate a Bicycle after the Boy went to war in 1914.

The strange sight of a grown tree inside the car certainly surprised the online viewers and left them wondered how it happened. Videos and pictures from the scene went viral on various social media platforms. There’s a longer video from the scene in a Facebook post garnering millions of views. There are also some fabricated stories claiming a man parked his car and went to sleep and when he returned, he was shocked to find a tree in his car. They described it as a miracle!

Coming to the origin, what you see is in fact a piece of street art from Royal de Luxe, a French Marionette street theater company in Nantes city. Royal de Luxe creates many Marionettes on streets along with such art installations. On 18th November 2019, they posted a story about the Car and Tree on their Facebook page.

Earlier, Royal de Luxe Stabbed a Car with a Giant Fork for a store promotion and installed a Red Car Parked high over a building as a humor.

So, what you see in the videos and pictures is not any miracle of a tree penetrating through a car. It’s an art installation from a local street art company in Nantes, France.

Hoax or Fact:


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