Underwater Train in Venice – Hoax Analysis

Picture about Underwater Train in Venice
Underwater Train in Venice


This is an underwater train in Venice, an interesting building with the tunnel made of glass.


The picture message claims to show an amazing underwater train in Venice, where the tunnel is supposed to be made of glass. It is not a fact, the picture is not a real one.

The picture in question is a photoshop creation, which was in fact an entry of a photo effects contest in Worth 1000 – titled Subway in Water World 3 category. From reference section below, you can see few other similar pictures in the contest, while this one backed second place. The description of the picture itself says it is not a real one – “this one was a tough one. especially matching the watercolors on train, platform and track.

Although this particular picture of underwater train in Venice is hoax, there are few such undersea railway lines and tunnels around world. The Seikan Tunnel in Japan linking Honshu and Hokkaido is the longest undersea railway tunnel in the world. You can see a snap of it from the image below.

Picture of The Seikan Undersea Railway Tunnel in Japan
The Seikan Undersea Railway Tunnel in Japan
Picture: Seikan Tunnel profile diagram
Seikan Tunnel profile diagram

Worth 1000 is a website platform that holds photo effects contests in various categories, and it has become common for pranksters to grab photos from there and add interesting stories to them. Refer to related stories below.

Hoax or Fact:


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