UNESCO Declares Jallikattu Bull as World Heritage Symbol: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting UNESCO Declares Jallikattu Bull as World Heritage Symbol
UNESCO Declares Jallikattu Bull as World Heritage Symbol


UNESCO Declares Jallikattu Bull as World Heritage Symbol

Other Versions

1. Jallikattu bull gets UNESCO heritage tag

2. UNESCO approved jallikattu as traditional logo

Fact Check:

A story shared widely on social media sites, especially in India on Facebook, claims that the United Nations organization UNESCO has declared the Jallikattu (traditional Bull taming sport in Tamil Nadu) Bull as World Heritage Symbol. Although the claim gathered some prominence due to large protests against banning the sport, UNESCO however did not declare or approve Jallikattu Bull as world heritage symbol or traditional logo.

Originated on Facebook

On 29 January 2017 Tamil Facebook page அரசியல் நையாண்டி Political Satire posted the story in question along with an alleged video grab of a news channel. Because Jallikattu was in news for some time (see below section), the story soon garnered thousands of likes and shares, making it popular on social media:

Political Satire

As the name of the Facebook page suggests, the story that UNESCO has declared the Jallikattu Bull as world heritage symbol is mostly shared as a political satire, it’s a fake news and hoax. UNESCO did not make any such announcement about approving Jallikattu Bull as traditional logo. We have seen the Political Satire Facebook page has been sharing many such false stories. Internet space in the past has also seen a similar hoax story claiming UNESCO has declared the Indian National Anthem “Jana gana mana..” as the Best Anthem of the world.

News about Jallikattu

Jallikattu is also known as Eru thazhuvuthal and Manju virattu. It is typically practiced in Tamil Nadu state of India, as a part of Pongal celebrations. Because of the involved cruelty to animals and the threat to public safety, Animal Welfare and other organizations have been suggesting banning the traditional Jallikattu sport in Tamil Nadu. In Jan 2017, several people including student groups in the state held severe protests. They demanded not to ban their traditional, indigenous sport that has been around for years. The Tamil Nadu Government under Chief Minister Panneerselvam passed the new bill unanimously. It allowed the bull taming sport to be held in the state. The Bill supported by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also received the President’s assent on 31st Jan. 2017.

As per the new law, Jallikattu can be conducted by individual, organization or group in places and days notified by the state Government after taking permission from the District Collector. The collector would be forming a ‘committee on jallikattu’ to supervise the traditional sport. It ensures the festival is conducted in conformity with the rules.

Hoax or Fact:


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