Video Showing Boy Born With Wings Can Fly in China: Fact Check



This boy is born with the wings with which he can fly..

Nature is Amazing.

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In China, a kid born with wings and flying like a bird.

Parents set protection with a helmet


हवा में उड़ने वाला बच्चा

Fact Check:

An ‘intriguing’ video is doing rounds on social media platforms purporting to show an amazing Boy Born with Wings in China can actually Fly like a Bird. Accompanying messages also claim to show the parents set protection to the flying boy with a Helmet on head. Although the video is widely shared, the claims are not at all true – it comes from a movie.

Image of Stories on Facebook about Video Showing Boy Born With Wings Can Fly in China
Image of Stories on Facebook about Video Showing Boy Born With Wings Can Fly in China

Not a Boy Born With Real Wings

The 3-minute video doing rounds online is dubbed in Chinese and appears to show how a baby boy develops wings gradually and begins to fly, concerning the parents. Because of the unusual nature of the claim, the video spread on Facebook and other online platforms. Nonetheless, there are no credible reports of any such real incident from China or anywhere else in the world.

Ricky, the French movie poster
Ricky, the French movie poster

Searching for ‘Kid born with wings’ took us to a French fantasy and comedy movie from 2009 called Ricky. The movie features about an extraordinary child named Ricky who develops wings. The above video in question is in fact taken from the movie directed by French film director François Ozon. You can read more about the story of the movie on The New York Times website You can also see the clippings in the movie trailer below.

So, the video claims showing a boy is born in China with wings and can actually fly like a bird are just hoaxes – the footage is from a French fantasy movie called Ricky.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla