Video of Invincible Man Falling Down from Stairs: Fact Check

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Video of Invincible Man Falling Down Stairs


Video: Invincible Man Falling Down Stairs.

Other Versions

1. A man falls down flights of stairs and into a road and is then run over

2. Drunken man falling down stairs.

Fact Check:

This is an old video that has been circulating for many years. It supposedly shows a man falling down from a building top, rolling down a long staircase on to the main road, and then being run over by a car. Unbelievably, the man simply wakes up and walks away, as if nothing ever happened to him. This video looked so convincing that most people thought it was an accident of a drunk man, who is probably exceptionally strong. However, it was nothing like that, the video is NOT real.

About the Video Showing Man Falling Down from Stairs

The first versions of this video was uploaded to YouTube in April 2009, with a title “Invincible Man Falling Down Stairs. Fake?” – in Comedy section. It also appeared earlier in October 2008 on YouTube channel of Toben Seymour, who described he walked away with only a couple of bruises in the video.

Few viewers who did not notice this thought that the man was either badly drunk, or it was a sequence of a professional stuntman. The fact is a bit more than that actually. The video is a result of stunt sequences of a professional followed by clever editing using CGI.

Professional stuntmen like the guy in the video can in fact do such amazing stunts. Watch the above video as an example. The stuntmen, in most cases, also use safety tricks like padding the stairs with some kind of rubber layer. As far as this video is concerned, the man who initially falls from the roof of the building appears like a doll, which is followed by a sequence of stunts, and then at the end, again a doll is likely to have been used to show up a real car hit. All this is actually staged, shot in sequences and later made into a so called unbelievable stunt – with the help of CGI. The blurry film is itself the proof of it.


So, the video of this so called invincible man falling down from a building roof, and then down the stairs onto the main road, only to be run over by a car is a hoax. No ordinary person can survive such an accident without being hurt at all. The video is most certainly made for the sake of fun. Readers are warned not to try any such stunt though.

Update: 28th February 2020

Back in December 2008 itself, Fernando Luz revealed the video was a commercial advertisement for Levi’s Jeans produced by Anonymous Content and visual effects made by MiniVegas.

Hoax or Fact:


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