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Video of the Best Air Race Pilot Ever


The best air race pilot ever..

Watch out this one wing plane landing!

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This guy doesn’t feel fear at all! One of the most creative action I’ve ever seen…


The message comes with a video showing an air race pilot performing aerobatic maneuvers, and then, as the plane loses its right wing in mid-air and starts falling down, the pilot miraculously makes a safe landing on ground – with the one wing plane. The video footage is not real, the story is hoax.

This video titled as ‘the best air race pilot ever’ has been circulating since few years now. Many people thought it as a miraculous escape, following the expertise of the pilot. However, the video is not real. The pilot shown in the video is James Andersson, who is in fact a race pilot himself and likes aerobatics, but such a feat is unlikely to be true. As you can see in his website mentioned in reference section below, the pilot ‘explains’ how he miraculously escaped the crash, after the plane lost its right wing in mid-air. However, a close look at the website reveals the text “supported by ‘KillaThrill'”, which is a German fashion design company. You can also see in the video in question, the plane has the brand name of Killa Thrill featured on it. Moreover, if such an incident did happen, it would have definitely made into news, but there are no media reports about it.

The video is in fact a part of advertising campaign of KillaThrill. The video was made by the company Jotzfilm, using editing and digital manipulation techniques. As you can see in the second video, which explains the making of ‘the best air race pilot ever’ video, a video of a smaller, remote-controlled aircraft was blended with the footage of a real airplane.

It has become a common practice for companies to create interesting and amazing videos like this and use them for viral marketing – to build their brand name. In past, Nissan sought to same, with the video of a plane landing on pickup truck, and Cardo Wireless, a US-based Bluetooth technology company promoted videos showing Cell phones can be used to Pop Corn.

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