Video: This Guy’s having a Bad Day – Facts Analysis

Picture from Video, This Guy's having a Bad Day
Picture from Video, This Guy's having a Bad Day


This Guy’s having a Bad Day!

just one of those days.


This is kind of both funny and serious video that has been circulating lately. It claims to show a guy having a bad day – as he walks around a road barrier in front of a car to get a ball, he gets hit by the road barrier, falls down on ground and then is run over by the car. In spite of the car running over one of his legs, the man is seen standing up and moving away with slight limping. Most people thought the video could be real, and the guy is just having a bad day, like just one of those days, but that is not the fact!


The video started spreading from Live Leak website, where it was posted on 19 Sep. 2013, as a featured video by the user named ‘like a boss’. It should be noted that the video was posted in WTF (Entertainment) category and was also tagged as ‘funny.’ However, the original source of this video appears to be posted on YouTube, by a user named ‘Burgsepp’ back on 6 Jan. 2011. The video was titled ‘The barrier or a really stupid day (translated from German)‘ and had a description saying:

The young man is nothing suitable Explicit!! He has suffered no broken bones or other injuries difficult. Only a few abrasions and a small bump on the head were the result of this accident.

No fake is really happening that way. (Translated from German)


The uploader, who does not have any information in his YouTube channel, says that the video is not fake, and the incident did happen that way. But there are few questions that raise doubts about the authenticity of the incident as it is portrayed. The guy is hit by an ordinary road barrier (or it ‘appears’ so from the camera angle), why then he collapses all of a sudden and waits for the car to run over his leg. If he is really hurt, why then he gets up on the same leg. And why couldn’t the car driver hear the guy’s natural reaction while he was hit with the road barrier. The fact that there is no sound in the video and the unusual camera angle are also skeptical.

To Conclude

We believe all this concludes to saying that the incident could be staged and the guy is a professional who could either be trained for it, or is wearing some hidden safety measure on his leg. That guy may not be having a bad day, the story claimed in the video is possibly hoax. This reminds us of another very interesting video of an Invincible man falling downstairs.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly hoax.


this guy’s having a bad day

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Prashanth Damarla