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OMG!! Woman Suddenly Disappears On LIVE TV Broadcast.

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Woman mysteriously vanishes during live TV broadcast.


A video that has been viral on the internet comes to show a ‘strange’ footage when a Woman inside an airport mysteriously disappears during a live Television broadcast. Some viewers called it as magic, teleportation or supernatural involvement. So let us analyze whether the woman seen in the video has really disappeared or not.

About the Claims in Video

The video that surfaced online in mid-March 2016 shows a sports star being interviewed for “Sports Center” on the Danish Television Network TV2. However, what caught everyone’s attention is the blonde woman behind him who appears to just vanish into thin air! As you can see in the first video, the blonde woman is standing in the background near a baggage-claim area inside airport, when another woman walks by pushing a cart and they exchange words, and then all of a sudden the blonde woman appears to vanish without a trace.

Actual Facts

The clip in question first went viral after it appeared on a fun based Danish late night talk show. Although many believed the woman in airport actually disappeared on a live TV broadcast, some people pointed her feet walking away alongside the other woman. Yes, that’s precisely the case. As demonstrated clearly in the video below, the woman in fact started walking the same direction as the woman with the cart; and is hidden behind her. It’s just that the timing of their walking away side by side was not visible from the angle the camera was capturing the interview of the man. There’s nothing supernatural about the alleged disappearance of the woman. For your information, the man being interviewed is Danish national women’s handball head coach Klavs Bruun Jørgensen, and the woman making headlines for allegedly vanishing on live TV broadcast is handball expert Trine Jensen, who won a gold medal with the Danish national team at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

So the story saying a woman in airport mysteriously disappeared during a live Television broadcast is a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:


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