World’s largest Tortise found in Amazon sea – Facts Analysis

Picture about World's largest Tortise found in Amazon sea
World's largest Tortise found in Amazon sea


Guy’s the World’s Largest Tortoise found in Amazon sea its age around 529 /Hieght-59/Weight- 800 Pounds Incredible Naturality Please spread this Info to all over the World.


This particular picture showing a giant Tortoise was being shared widely through emails and social networking sites, but it is not a real Tortoise. The picture is actually a snapshot from a Japanese fantasy movie called “Gamera the Brave”. The movie is about a little boy who finds an egg that hatches into a baby turtle and then grown on to become a giant creature. You can see the snapshot of this tortoise in the movie here. Therefore, this is NOT the world’s largest tortoise found in Amazon sea, the story is a hoax and need not be shared.

Another similar hoax in the form of a you tube video shows a giant Tortoise carried by a truck. The video description claims it to be the world’s biggest tortoise. Again, it is not a fact. It is clearly visible in the video that the Tortoise was never moving. Moreover, if it was a real tortoise, it would have hidden itself inside its shell as it is being carried in a Truck that was traveling at Tortoise speed of light. It must be an Idol that was created for a museum, theme park or something of that sort.

Hoax or Fact:



Picture Source
Movie – Gamera the Brave

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Prashanth Damarla