World’s Largest Watermelon Picture: Fact Check

World's Largest Watermelon Picture
World's Largest Watermelon Picture


World’s Largest Watermelon

Other Versions

1. Men Lifting Huge Watermelon

2. Biggest Watermelon ever

Fact Check:

A message shared often in image sharing websites and others online purports to show the Picture of World’s Largest Watermelon. It rather shows two men lifting a huge watermelon. The image also carried source credit as because of which many viewers went on to believe it could be true. The picture, however, is not a real one.

Not World’s Largest Watermelon

Despite the watermelon seen in the picture appears genuinely big, it is in fact part of an apprentice Photoshop contest on Freaking News website The photoshop contest held back in 2009 had 19 entries using watermelon in similar fashion. Notably, you can see hints of Photoshop edit in the face of the man on right side,  around his mouth region. We have come across another edit of the picture (shown below) that some pranksters might have made.

Another Photoshop: World's Largest Watermelon Picture
Another Photoshop: World’s Largest Watermelon Picture


So, the messages claiming the (photoshopped) picture shows world’s largest watermelon or biggest watermelon ever are hoaxes. On the contrary, as of this writing, the Guinness World Record for Heaviest watermelon is held by an American accountant Christopher Kent who grew the fruit to 159 kg (350.5 lb).

World's Heaviest Watermelon grown by Christopher Kent
World’s Heaviest Watermelon grown by Christopher Kent

Hoax or Fact:



Accountant grows world’s biggest watermelon

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Prashanth Damarla