Mythical Garuda Bird Found Dead in Cyclone Fani: Fact Check

Image about Mythical Garuda Bird Found Dead in Cyclone Fani
Mythical Garuda Bird Found Dead in Cyclone Fani


A Mythical Bird Garuda Found Dead in Cyclone Fani.
The bird has been living inside a mountain cave since many years..

Other Versions

1. Extinct mythological creature Garuda got killed in Fani cyclone

2. (Hindi)
फानी तूफान में एक असली गरुड़ पक्षी की मृत्यु हुई है । कई सालोंसे एक पहाड़ के गुफा में रहा करता था ।
मन में दया है तो “राम” लिखिए
प्रभु श्री सीताराम इनकी आत्मा को शांति प्रदान करे।।।।

Screenshot of a Facebook post
Screenshot of a Facebook post

Fact Check:

Certain pictures shared heavily on social media purport to show the mythical Garuda Bird found Dead in Cyclone Fani. They show a small group of people holding wings of the large bird lying on ground. Accompanying messages claim the ‘mythical bird’ Garuda has been living inside a mountain cave since many years. No, the claims are not true.

Image of Garuda in Hindu mythology
Garuda in Hindu mythology

Messages about Garuda Bird Found Dead

In Hindu mythology, Garuda is a bird creature having a mix of Eagle and human features. He is the vehicle (vahana) of Lord Vishnu. The picture messages in question are doing rounds heavily on Facebook, Twitter and other social media and image sharing websites. They are circulating in other languages like Hindi and Tamil as well. We also found Tamil posts in December 2018 and Telugu posts in January 2019 saying the pictures show Ancient Jatayu bird.

Despite the many messages, we did not find any credible evidence or report suggesting the pictures are related to any mythical bird Garuda found dead in Cyclone Fani.

Similar Story in Past about Jatayu Bird

In September 2018, some picture and video messages doing rounds on WhatsApp and other places claimed to show the ancient Jatayu bird found again. They claim to show a beautiful bird flying off a mountainous region in Karnataka. In Hindu epic Ramayana, Jatayu is demi-god who has the form of a Vulture.

Contrary to the claims, the video and picture(s) in fact show Sayani, an Andean condor (a type of giant vulture) freed by rescuers in Argentina. Sayani was found close to death in December 2012, freed and returned into the wild again in March 2014. See the entire video below.

Coming back to the story in question, apart from lack of credible reports of any mythical bird, the large bird in pictures also looks like a type of Vulture. In the image below you can see a similar Vulture bird after it was found dead in Assam. It is not uncommon for people near forest areas and bird sanctuaries to see such large birds. In some cases, the large vulture birds are found dead due to food poisoning and eating poisonous remains of dead animals.

Image of a Vulture bird found dead in Assam
A Vulture bird found dead in Assam

So, considering the aforementioned facts and flaws, the pictures certainly show a large vulture type of bird, not any mythical bird Garuda or Jatayu found dead in India.

Hoax or Fact:


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