Donations to Indian Army for Battle Casualties and Weapons Purchase: Facts

Picture about Donations to Indian Army for Battle Casualties and Weapons Purchase
Donations to Indian Army for Battle Casualties and Weapons Purchase


Suggestion of Re.1/- per day to be given to Indian Army for Battle Casualties and Weapons purchase has been ACCEPTED BY THE GOVT. and Account has been opened at SYNDICATE BANK, NEW DELHI SOUTH EXTENSION BRANCH.
A/C No. 90552010165915.
IFSC : SYNB0009055.
At today’s population @130 Crores, even 100 crores or 70% people deposit ONE RUPEE EACH, the Defence Ministry gets 100 crores per Day and 3000 crores per month and 36000 crores in one Year WHICH IS EQUAL TO PAKISTAN’s BUDGET OF DEFENCE EXPENDITURE.
Sir, we don’t get even a glass of water in Re.1/- but this ONE RUPEE as a TOTAL STRENGTH CAN MAKE INDIA A SUPER POWER.
Dear Friends, Let’s come together and show solidarity to strengthen our DEFENCE FORCES, JAWANS, POLICE, PARA, CRPF, and all connected organizations to buy Best ARMS & AMMUNITION.
All options of Deposit are Accepted.
Please Join our Mission


A viral message doing rounds on social media sites says that the Indian Government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule has accepted the suggestion from people and opened a Syndicate Bank account in New Delhi’s South Block for the benefit of Indian Army. So Indian citizens are requested to donate at least one rupee per day to Indian Army, for Supporting Battle Casualties and Purchasing Weapons. The message also goes on to state the large population of India, and if they all donate to the cause of strengthening Indian defence forces, India would become a super power soon. While few readers thought the message requesting donations to Indian Army could be a scam, the story as a whole is Partially Fact as explained below.

The Backdrop of Donations

In early Feb. 2016, an Indian Army post located at a high altitude in Siachen was buried in snow after an avalanche hit their post. Ten soldiers, including a JCO (Junior commissioned officer) died in the incident. Since 1984 both India and Pakistan have maintained their military presence in the Siachen region, and over the years hundreds of soldiers have been dying in the region due to the extreme weather conditions. After the Siachen incident, there was sympathy across the Indian nation and people donated money to the dead soldiers and their families. There was also a sentiment to contribute to Indian Army, and some Indians like Editor and RTI activist Rajendra Gupta suggested Prime Minister of India, the Defence Ministry and the President to collect donations from general public for the welfare of Army Personnel.

Picture of Letter about Donations to Indian Army for Battle Casualties
Letter about Donations to Indian Army for Battle Casualties
Picture of Media report on Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties
Media report on Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties

Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties

Following the aforementioned suggestions from general public, Indian Government started an innovative scheme for the benefit of Indian Army personnel, where people can donate the smallest amount of one rupee. The Indian Army is maintaining a Syndicate bank account in South Block of New Delhi named “Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties” that accepts donations for the families of battle casualties. Notably, the donations received in the fund are utilized to pay financial assistance/grant to widows of Battle Casualties, their next of kin and dependents.

To donate for the overall cause you may forward a Demand Draft in favour Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties payable at New Delhi at the following address:-

Director Accounts Section
Adjutant Generals Branch
Ceremonial & Welfare Dte
Accounts Section
Room No 281-B, South Block,
IHQ of MoD (Army),
New Delhi 110011

Alternatively, the amount can also be transferred directly in the account of Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties under intimation to this Office as per the details of Bank Account given below:-

Fund Name : Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties
Bank Name : Syndicate Bank
Branch : South Block, Defence Head Quarters,
New Delhi – 110011
Branch Code : 9055
IFSC Code : SYNB0009055
Account No : 90552010165915

In case of queries, the donor may contact at the following at Army HQ:-

(a) Deputy Director General (Welfare) – 011-23018112
Ceremonial & Welfare Directorate

(b) Director Accounts Section – 011-23792382
Ceremonial & Welfare Directorate

Not for Weapons Purchase

Unlike what is suggested in the message and also reported in few local news outlets, the donations to the Indian Army Welfare Fund in Syndicate bank is only meant to give financial support to the battle casualties, those who lost life in battle fields, and their families/dependents (mentioned above) — not to purchase weapons for defence system or make India a super power to tackle Pakistan or any other country. The donation scheme is for Indians to show solidarity to the Defence forces.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties
Army Battle Casualties

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