Gurmehar Kaur Drinking and Dancing with Friends in Car: Fact Check

Video grab of Gurmehar Kaur Caught on Camera Drinking and Dancing with Friends in Car
Gurmehar Kaur Caught on Camera Drinking and Dancing with Friends in Car


Famous girl Gurmehar Kaur Drinking, Dancing and Enjoying in Car with Friends

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1. Gurmehar Kaur Caught on Camera Drinking and Dancing in Car

2. Gurmehar Kaur caught drinking on camera

3. Gurmehar Kaur dance on a qawwali in a car

Fact Check:

A story shared heavily on social media sites in India and elsewhere purports to show the famous Indian girl Gurmehar Kaur Caught on Camera Drinking and Dancing with Friends inside a Car. The girl dancing in the video does indeed resemble Gurmehar Kaur, the daughter of martyr Captain Mandeep Singh who died in a militant attack in Jammu and Kashmir in August 1999. Gurmeher became popular in Feb. 2017 after her Facebook status “Pakistan did not kill my father. War did” went viral. However, a close look at the details in the video reveals she is not Gurmehar Kaur and the video was shot in UAE, not in India.

Old Video

The video in question is not new, it has been online since at least 26 July 2016 with various descriptions like a beautiful/drunk girl dancing in car on the Qawwali remix song of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Again in August 2016 the video was shared on YouTube by a user Aftab Ahmad Khan, adding the full remix song to the recording.

Shot in UAE, Not India

As you can see in the video, unlike in India, the steering of the car happens to be on the left side. The bottle from which they are drinking shows Al Ain brand name, a Company in UAE that sells water and other related, flavoured drinks. Moreover, as they travel in car a road signboard on right side is seen having the text ‘REDUCE SPEED’ written on it, also in Arabic language. The YouTube user Aftab Ahmad Khan too is from UAE, who shares such videos with remix songs in his channel. All this concludes the video is from United Arab Emirates, not India.

Not Gurmehar Kaur

The stories in circulation show Gurmehar Kaur is drinking and dancing with friends in car. They give a false impression the video was taken in India. Once the claims and criticism rose high on social media, Gurmehar’s mother Rajvinder told India Today website the pretty girl in the video was not her daughter. She also objected the girl was being maligned for no reason. She explained that the girl in the video is fairer and older than her daughter Gurmehar Kaur.

So, the stories alleging to show and criticize Gurmehar Kaur drinking and dancing with friends in a car are hoaxes. The girl just looks like Gurmehar and the video shoot is from UAE.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla