ONGC Discovered Huge Petroleum Oil Deposits in Bihar’s Kishanganj – Facts


In India, ongc have found a huge petroleum oil deposits in Bihar’s kishanganj district, this under ground oil lake is so huge that it can serve india for more than 350 years as per the records of ONGC. if everything will go accordingly than after july we will get petrol as RS.25/litre, Diesel as RS.12/ litre.

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Picture about ONGC Discovered Huge Petroleum Oil Deposits in Bihar's Kishanganj
ONGC Discovered Huge Petroleum Oil Deposits in Bihar’s Kishanganj


The picture message talks about a huge petroleum oil discovery by ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited) in Bihar’s Kishanganj district, claiming that it is going to serve India for more than 350 years and therefore the prices of petrol and diesel will come down significantly. Although it is a fact that ONGC is exploring the possibilities of oil and natural gas in Kishanganj area of Bihar, there are no credible reports of any discovery as such. The story is a hoax.

This story started circulating on Facebook and went viral on other social networks as well. ONGC scientists and engineers have in fact studied the areas of Kishanganj district and expected oil reserves there, so they began their exploration by digging well at Rasulganj on August 16, 2012. For the next three years, ONGC is reported to invest Rs. 200 crore in two projects of oil and gas exploration in Kishanganj district. A press release of ONGC reports that the Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Nitish Kumar has visited the ONGC drill site at Rasulganj on September 30, 2012 to mark the beginning of drilling activities, which you can read it here.

However, there are no reports of any such oil well discoveries since then – till date. ONGC undertakes such explorations regularly, in various parts of India, it is an ongoing process. If there was any such big discovery, it would have made into news. The oil well picture shown in the story is NOT related to ONGC exploration in Kishanganj, it is the Keeley Oil Well in Illinois, USA. It is to be noted that on 11 Aug. 2012, ONGC made huge oil discovery off West coast of India, which made the D1 oil field the third largest one in western offshore. We believe that someone mixed the Bihar’s exploration news with this discovery and made up a story.

Therefore, the story is simply an online fabrication, intended mostly for marketing or attention. It need not be shared.

Hoax or Fact:



ONGC expects oil reservoirs in Kishanganj
ONGC press release notifying Oil & Gas Discoveries
ONGC strikes third largest reservoir in Western Offshore
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ONGC Discovered Huge Petroleum Oil Deposits in Bihar’s Kishanganj – Facts

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