Three Eyed and Three Horned Cow Found in India: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Three Eyed and Three Horned Cow Found in India
Three Eyed and Three Horned Cow Found in India


A three eyed and three horned cow found in India.

Other Versions

1. Sacred cow in kalabairava Temple in ujjain, MP. It has 3 horns like trishul, and 3 eyes like Lord Shiva.

2. A Special Cow found at Kalabhairava Temple, Ujjain, MP. Cow has 3 Horns like Trishul & 3 eyes same like Lord Shiva.

Fact Check:

A set of pictures going viral on social media sites, especially in India, claim to show a Sacred Cow found in India that has Three fully grown Horns, and just below the third horn is a Third Eye. It is said that the special Cow was found at Kalabhairava Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, and its 3 Horns look like Trishul; the 3 eyes like those of Hindu Lord Shiva. The claims are partially fact, in the sense that the three horns are real, but the said third eye isn’t. Moreover, the animal seen in the pictures is not a Cow but an Ox.

Not Three Eyed and Three Horned Cow as Such

The Ox seen in the pictures does in fact have three fully grown horns, but the eye-like appearance in the middle, just below the third horn, is simply a mark that looks like third eye. You can confirm same from other pictures of the Ox in Image Gallery and its brief video clip shown in this article. The Ox with three horns and three “eyes” was brought to Ujjain Simhastha Maha Kumbha mela in 2016 by Baldev Maharaj of Bundelkhand’s Chhatarpur. The special animal has attracted lot of curious visitors and pilgrims during the mela in Ujjain, a popular religious travel place. People believed the unusual animal is a form of the sacred Nandi, and went on to pray and worship.

Some versions of the story said the sacred Cow (actually Ox) came to Kalabhairava Temple in Ujjain and no one knew where it came from. However, Baldev Maharaj said he has owned the animal for about 10 years, after it was given to him by a farmer from a village near Kishangarh, who left it in ashram Jata Shankar Dham. Baldev Maharaj believes the Ox is exceptional. One of the farmer’s Cow gave birth to the strange animal with three horns. After 2-3 years, as it became aggressive, he left the animal in the ashram. For your information, Cow related animals are sometimes born with three or even four horns. In some rare cases, they also have a third eye.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


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