Apple Giving Free iPhone 8 for Beta Testing: Scam

Picture Suggesting Apple Giving Free iPhone 8 for Beta Testing
Apple Giving Free iPhone 8 for Beta Testing



Tim Cook Apple CEO has announced Free Apple 8 iphone to test its beta features for first 2000 orders.yes you heard it right , you get apple iphone 8 absolutely free. Hurry up only 1200 phones left , I have successfully ordered one iphone 8 now. You to order it from apple official site

Facts Analysis:

A message doing rounds on WhatsApp, also appearing on few other sites online, comes to offer readers that Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced Free Apple 8 iPhones for first 2000 orders, for testing its beta features. The message carries a link (said to be Apple’s official site) wherefrom readers can allegedly order their free iPhone 8. Do not get carried away, the free iPhone 8 offer is simply a Scam.

Apple Not Giving Free iPhone 8

The message circulating on WhatsApp claims you can get the iPhone absolutely free by ordering it from the official site mentioned at end. However, the website URL does not belong to Apple, and has written vaguely on top left. It also carries a non-existent fake Tweet of Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing 2000 free Apple 8 iPhones for beta testing.

Our Test

When we tested and clicked through the link mentioned in WhatsApp message on web version, and followed the steps, we were asked to send invite to at least 10 friends and 5 groups on WhatsApp (allegedly to increase Apple marketing) before getting the iPhone 8 for free. After done that we were taken to surveys and other advertising stuff, also requiring personal information. In past there were similar scams like Apple Giving away Free iPhone and Flipkart’s Best Selling Moto G4 Plus for Only Rs 599. Note, the messages can surface in different versions, with different links. In some cases, the user can be misled into installing malware on user’s phone. It may also steal his contacts and other information from phone. There won’t be any free iPhone to offer for beta testing.

So, do not carry away with these false offers. Do not pass on the messages to WhatsApp contacts because it is how the scam spreads further. Messages asking to ‘share with your contacts to get something free’ have been a common tactic of cyber criminals. They target to scam users on WhatsApp, the widely popular free messaging app.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla