BBC National Lottery Emails Scam

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BBC National Lottery Emails Scam




Attention: Dear Winner.
You have won £500,000.00 {Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds}. Your email id: was attached to Lottery No. xx xx xx xx xx xx BONUS xx of draw No. xxxx in BBC National Lottery UK.

Send your Data as listed below for Claims:

Bank details:……………….

Thanks for being part of this program. Congrats!!

Tel: +448712346149,
Email: bbcedrawuk[@]

Copyright ©2013. Visit website on You are advice to send us your information via email below: Email (bbcedrawuk[@] to enable us respond to you in time.

Other Versions

BBC National Lottery

Draw no.xxxx
Winning Numbers: xx xx xx xx xx xx BONUS xx

Dear Winner,

Your e-mail has won you £750.000.00 GBP from BBC Online Lottery on our 20xx charity bonanza.

The draw no.xxxx brought out your e-mail address from a Data Base of Internet Email Users and qualified you a bonafied winner of the stated winning amount.

You are to contact your allocated agents for further details:

TEL: 00 44-703-199-9569 / 00 44-703-199-4956
E-MAIL: briannewmanagentukonline[@]

With the below details for claims processing;

Name….Address…. Mobile . No….Sex…Occupation…Age.. country…

Congratulations once again on your winnings!!!

Online Co-coordinator,
Teresa Marie Roberts.


These emails, in several variants, purporting to be from BBC National Lottery suggest that the recipient has won a huge sum of money in lottery/charity bonanza and request for personal details of the user. Although such a lottery does exist, these emails are a hoax and a scam to steal personal details.

BBC National Lottery in UK became popular since BBC started broadcasting the draw-based lotteries from 1994. BBC is not a lottery company, this program is an association between the BBC and the National Lottery in the UK. But this lottery is purely based on lottery tickets, and not on email addresses as mentioned in the messages.

Scammers use the name of BBC lottery only to earn some credibility and thereby mislead people. The purpose of these emails is only to steal personal information of the email users – for using them in unfair ways, which may also include money scams. Some of these scam emails entice the users to call them on their telephone, which in fact can be a premium line for which you can be highly charged. Note that such scam emails generally come as attachments, through image texts so as to pass through the spam filters of email providers.

The people who receive such emails are advised not to respond to them, they have to be marked as scam and deleted. Remember that you can win a lottery game only when it exists and you actually bought yourself a ticket – not through email address like this.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax, and a Scam.


BBC Lottery Scam

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