Beware of Fake Water Bottles in Airports – Can contain Drugs

Picture: Beware of Fake Water Bottles in Airports - Can contain Drugs
Beware of Fake Water Bottles in Airports - Can contain Drugs


At Airport, Never Help Anybody By Holding Even For A Short Time, His Or Her Water Bottle Or Anything else.
This warning has come from an officer (a close friend) working at the airport. If you happen to buy a water bottle at the airport, please check the bottle.
Beware of fake water bottles.
Be careful !!!! At the airport or close to any customs service, never accept or help somebody to hold his/her bottle of water or other objects, even for an elderly person or a pregnant woman, You could be arrested for cocaine or illegal drugs possession. In Singapore/Dubai, that means the Death Penalty !! Tell them to put the item on the floor or at any other place…
Watch this attached video/clipping by the US Customs, to understand. (Cocaine dealers are very smart)


The message claims and warns people at airports not to hold water bottle or any other things of unknown people as the water bottle can be fake and can be used for smuggling drugs like Cocaine. It is a fact. The video shows one such trick used by the drug syndicate.

Picture: Beware of Fake Water Bottles in Airports - Can contain Drugs
Beware of Fake Water Bottles in Airports – Can contain Drugs

The video appears to be originally uploaded by the Center for Immigration Studies, an independent research organization in America. The description of the video also says that hidden cameras in some football matches of Arizona have revealed that plastic water bottles were used as additional means to carry drugs. Drug smuggling has been a serious crime and cause of concern globally, especially across borders. The drug syndicate people use variety of ways to carry and courier their drugs in and out of almost every country. As shown in the video, drug smugglers use the ordinary looking mineral water bottles to hide their illegal drugs like Cocaine behind the label cover. You will not see it unless you open the cap and the bottle bottle splits into half, inside which there will be enough space to hide those drug items. If you happen to be deceived by any such stranger who asks you to hold such water bottles, baggage or other things, you will become the carrier of these illegal drug items and are prone to security risks which can land you in great trouble. Smuggling by dissolving drugs in bottled liquids is another common practice that these people follow.

Credible news reports say that there were many such cases of drug smuggling around the world. One such example is when the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency has warned people, especially those at airports to be careful from things offered by strangers. The officials stated that the victims were mostly women, who are kind enough to get lured into carrying water bottles or baggage of fellow passengers or strangers; unaware of the fact that it can cost them their life.

Therefore, be careful while handling things from strangers. Avoid getting being used by such drug syndicates. If a stranger asks you to hold their things as a matter of courtesy, better ask them to put them down somewhere.

Hoax or Fact:



PDEA warns of illegal drugs smuggled in fake water bottles

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