Buy 32GB SanDisk USB Pendrive at Just Rs.37 from ‘Amazon’: Scam

Picture of Buy 32GB SanDisk USB Pendrive at Just Rs.37 from 'Amazon'
Buy 32GB SanDisk USB Pendrive at Just Rs.37 from 'Amazon'


Buy 32GB SanDisk USB 3 Pendrive at Rs.37 Only

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1. Buy SanDisk 32GB USB Pen drive at just Rs 37 from Amazon

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(Cash On Delivery)
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Fact Check:

Various messages doing rounds on WhatsApp and other places on internet space offer users to buy 32GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade Ultra Dual USB Pen Drive 3.0 at just 37 rupees, allegedly from ‘Amazon’ website. No, the too good to be true claim offering 32GB SanDisk pen drive at just 37 rupees is a hoax and part of a scam.

32GB SanDisk USB Pendrive at Just Rs.37?

The messages in circulation carry a link to the said ‘Amazon’ sale website that happens to be a different URL (not, the official website of Amazon). Following the link lands us on a page mimicking Amazon that shows the 32GB SanDisk Pen Drive priced at 529 rupees and offered for just 37 rupees with 93% discount.

Clicking the Buy Now button on the page took us to check out cart page, where again when we clicked the Buy Now button, we were offered with a pop up message. It was shown as a final verification – asking us to share the message to 5 different groups/friends on WhatsApp before entering our delivery address. Later we were directed to install their app and also official SanDisk store and use them for 5 days. It is said that the offer to buy sandisk pen drive at 37 rupees will be available after 24 hours, with cash on delivery option. However, these are all signs of scam.

Scam, Not an Offer on Amazon

Firstly, the website is no way related to Amazon and actually (mis)uses their logo. The apps they ask us to install before we can avail the alleged low cost pen drive offer are actually sponsored ones, which can also be Malware programs that harm your phone and steal your contacts or other information from your phone. Remember, there can be other websites using similar messages to scam users. In Related Stories section, you can see scammers work in similar pattern baiting potential victims with lucrative offers.

So the ‘Amezon sale’ offer of 32GB SanDisk Pen Drive at just 37 rupees is just a hoax and scam. Do not believe or click through the links coming with these messages.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla