Custom Department, I.G.I Airport Scam Emails

Picture about Custom Department, I.G.I Airport Scam Emails
Custom Department, I.G.I Airport Scam Emails


From: India Customs
Date: Sun, May 20, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Subject: From The Desk Of Custom Department I.G.I Airport
To: xxxxx[@]

From The Desk Of Custom Department I.G.I Airport

Attention xxxxx

I am Anish Yadav Custom Officer Delhi International Airport.

We have receive a parcel on your name from a Diplomat (Mr. Terry Fox) from United Kingdom (Google Gmail Incorporation) with the below content

Cheque worth 500,000.00GBP
1 Hp Laptop
Winning Certificate
And other relevant document

Due to the rules and regulations of the indian custom department your parcel has to under go a clearing due to the fact that he is bringing a huge sum of amount to India belonging to an indian citizen which is you,there has to be a custom clearance charge that has to be paid by you the beneficiary.
The custom clearance charge for your parcel is 24,500.00 INR
This charge has to be paid immediately by you,so that your parcel can be released to diplomat terry fox,so he can come over to your state to deliver to you.

Payment For The Custom Charge Directives

The Custom Officer’s Management recommends that Payment for the custom clearance charge should be made via Bank ,so as to speed up the delivery process. Do visit any State Bank of India outlet close to you and make payment for the clearance of your parcel to their chief account officer whose details are stated below.

Account Name: Avinash Anurag Ghorpade
Account Number: 20120541239
State Bank of India

Note that payment can be made in any branch of State Bank Of India

Note: After payment you are required to send a scan copy of your bank deposit receipt to this office via e-mail, you are also required to send any of your ID Proof as prove of payment, Immediately the custom account department confirms your payment.your parcel will be release to diplomat terry fox immediately.

along with this mail my id proof and diplomat terry fox id proof has been attached also.

Mr. Anish Yadav
(Custom Department I.G.I Airport)

Picture about Custom Department, I.G.I Airport Scam Emails
Custom Department, I.G.I Airport Scam Emails


The email, claiming to be from the Custom Department, I.G.I Airport, India, says that the recipient has received a parcel from a UK Diplomat, Mr. Terry Fox belonging to Google Gmail Incorporation. The message says that the parcel contains a cheque of big amount, laptop and other relevant documents, asking the email recipient to pay a customs clearance charge so that the UK official mentioned in the message will deliver the parcel to him. The message is not a fact, it is just another email scam intended to mislead people and gain money from them.

First of all, the message is poorly written in terms of grammar, which itself says that the story is not genuine, not from the official customs department of India. Secondly, there is nothing called Google Gmail Incorporation that gives away free lotteries or any kind of prizes like these through a simple email. Refer. To make their false stories convincing and look authentic to the email victims, the scammers generally use official names and fake identities, like in this case. The bank account details mentioned in the message where they ask the user to deposit custom clearance charges is most certainly fake again. People who fall prey for these kind of false claims will lose their money when they deposit the clearance charges and will not get anything in return. There is no parcel that you need to pay clearance charges for. These are simply hoax stories and scam emails. Beware of such luring emails!

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax, and a Scam.

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Prashanth Damarla